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Project Lightouse Africa e.V and its two daughter organizations Project Lighthouse Gambia and Project Lighthouse Kenya committed themselves to coin projects fostering sustainable development of infrastructure in West, East and Central Africa.

The organizations plan and realize country specific projects which after an inauguration phase of co-funding will be become capable of bearing their own financial needs. In order to assure sustainability charitable and commercial elements are interconnected. The pattern of organization is locally oriented providing the needed flexibility for quick changing project requirements. In close collaborations with external partners the Project Lighthouse organizations gather the required know how for a successful realization of identified projects.

Originating from our approach ProLightAfrica is on a quest for identifying promising collaborations and partnerships on charitable as well as commercial level always depending on the miscellaneous characters of the various projects.

Therefore we kindly invite companies, banking and public institutions as well as individual persons, to support our projects in line with their Cooperate Social Responsibility outline or general Charity activities. Further on such cooperation and the resulting PR activities provide always an excellent platform allegorizing the brand and the image of ones organization (e.g. agricultural, energy, environmental or trade sector). With excellent contacts and extensive networks to politics and media (the Gambia, Kenya and the bordering regions) your commitment will be honoured your company accordingly promoted. If you are interested in a sponsorship or partnership contact our board.

Green Desert e.V.

green dessert Sponsors & Partners

Green Desert e.V. is a charitable science and technology association based and registered in Hannover, Germany. The organisation is engaged in open source knowledge transfer and development of customised solutions for renewable energy production, water management & treatment and sustainable farming. All concepts are realized with locally available materials and are planned for easy adaption by the local population. Green Desert benefits from different skills and knowledge of its members – students, Ph.D. candidates, scientists, engineers, project managers and master craftsmen in relevant disciplines. ProLightAfrica and Green Desert have agreed on a close cooperation fostering different projects in Gambia and Kenya.

PROFUND Group & PROAF Sources Enterprise Ltd.

profund Sponsors & Partners

A main contributor to the commercial business network of ProLightAfrica is the PROFUND Group (in general PROFUND Mining Ltd and PROFUND Trade Development Ltd.) as well as the PROAF Sources Enterprise Ltd. ProLightAfrica and ProLightKenya are providing the Profund Mining Ltd with advice on setting up sustainable Mining Projects in different areas of Kenya as well as establishing sustainable and fair trade with German and European companies.

International Research Group on Crisis Communication

crisis Sponsors & Partners

Communication, the media environment and effective communication channels are influencing and relevant factors in socio-economical infrastructure development, especially during crisis and conflict situations. Hence the analysis of these factors are also evident for the field work of Project Lighthouse Africa e.V. and its subsidaries. Therefore Project Lighthouse Africa e.V. established a close collaboration with the International Research Group on Crisis Communication (IRGoCC). The research group was founded at the Institute for Media and Communication Science, one of the biggest research and education facilities for communications in Germany. In the interdisciplinary academic environment of the Ilmenau University of Technology IRGoCC aims at stimulating and performing in-depth and integrative research in the field of crisis communication. Besides academic research the International Research Group on Crisis Communication wants to intensify the dialogue and knowledge transfer between practitioners in politics, business, nonprofit organizations, the media and scholars interested in crisis communication research.

Dresden Banjul Organisation (DBO)

The Dresden Banjul Organisation (DBO) is operating as a registered international NGO in the Gambia. The organisation is engaged in school, health and other projects, which are relevant to society. A main activity is DBO’s “Operation Feed the People”, where DBO provides poor people in hospitals with food. As a result of DBO’s adjusted objectives, the organisation is going to engage in sustainable and longterm projects, like public awareness and sensitisation programs.
Project Lighthouse Gambia, Project Lighthouse Africa and Dresden Banjul Organisation have agreed on a close collaboration, fostering and implementing joint environmental protection, waste management and public awareness projects in the Gambia.

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