Core Work

Our Mission

Project Lighthouse Africa e.V. aims to support African countries with their sustainable infrastructural development in the sectors of energy generation, environmental management and healthcare, education, trade and agricultural development. ProLightAfrica will establish lighthouse projects for the whole continent

Center of attention of the activities is the belief that the countries of Africa have a chance to autonomously free themselves from the dependence of development aid, corruption and bad governance in the long run to build up under their own steam prospering societies and sustainable socio-economic conditions. This, however, demands for help for self-help, advancement, consultancy and initial projects.

Core work of Project Lighthouse Africa association and its daughter organisations Project Lighthouse Gambia and Project Lighthouse Kenya is the planning, initiation and realisation of country-specific tailored sustainable development programs, which primarily contain the following issues:

Our Goals

    Waste disposal and environmental protection programs

    Stand alone and stable power supply based on renewable, environment-friendly and alternative energy sources

    Set up and advancement of training and awareness programs for environmental protection, waste treatment, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture techniques and food security

    Development and setup of Farm-to-Market-Roads concepts

    Setup and advancement of agricultural collectives as well as an advanced training program for agricultural techniques

    Setup of decentral water supply

    Set up and advancement of specific logistics and trade center for a fair, sustainable and legal raw materials and merchandise trade with Africa , Europeans and other nations in the effort to realise favourable turnovers

    Promotion and set up of integrated school and training systems on the basis of the integrated approach of German Vocational Schools (Berufsschule) and University of Co-operative Education (Berufsakademie) model

    Fostering and establishing of collaboration programs between German and African academic institutions

    Fostering and establishing of collaboration programs between Project Lighthouse Africa and other NGOs and charitable organisations

What You Can Do