The Vision

Project Lighthouse Africa

Africa – Continent of dreams, continent of longings. Abounding in lush nature, buoyant people, cultural diversity, wide landholding, minerals, gold and oil. Destination of chevaliers of fortune and adventurer. Trapped in unfulfilled hopes, cultural contrasts, misunderstandings, natural und hunger catastrophes, wars, corruption and despots. A forgotten continent which should have been on the global community’s agenda long before the climate summit of Copenhagen.

For, despite of all the problems, Africa offers an unimagined potential of motivated people, resources and development potentialities, which are to be activated and fostered purposefully. The principle of untargeted subsidies, which is still applied as development aid by many industrial nations, has evidentially not transferred Africa into an (of financial development aid) independent continent. On the contrary, there is a tremendous need for targeted programs to implement a competitive infrastructure, which allows African countries to succeed in globalized economy.

For this purpose, people with good educational background as well as the funding of regional specific markets and infrastructure – for instance in the field of agriculture, energy supply, raw material trading, or healthcare – plus the generation of a trustfully basis for business activities are inevitable. Credibility and reliability are important components for economical success. Without reliance and legal certainty neither business deals nor international corporations have any chance to emerge. An equally essential factor is intercultural competence; without intercultural competence many projects are destined to fail. The precise consideration of regional and cultural conditions is a key success factor.

Based on those central themes, seven founding members constituted the association Project Lighthouse Africa e.V. (registered association) and that way formed the basis for the realisation of the vision of an Africa independent of donations and development aid. Thereby, the association benefits from knowledge and know-how of the founding members being experts in very different domains – be it research and development, finance, project management or intercultural communication, instruction and project development.

Project Lighthouse Africa e.V. aims to support African countries with their sustainable infrastructural development in the sectors of energy generation, environmental management and healthcare, education, trade and agricultural development. ProLightAfrica and its daughter organisations will establish lighthouse projects for the whole continent

Already in February 2009, the first charitable ProLight organisation called Project Lighthouse Gambia started its work in The Gambia as West African branch. End of June 2010, Project Lighthouse Kenya was registered and certified as international Non Governmental Organisation at the NGO coordination Board in Nairobi/Kenya. ProLightGambia (West Africa) and ProLightKenya (East Africa) act as regional operating NGOs under the umbrella of the international headquarter Project Lighthouse Africa e.V. registered and based in Munich/Germany.

Articles of Association: If you are interested in our articles then read the pdf-version.

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